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About Us

At Assure Safety and Compliance, we strive to work in partnership with our customers to establish an integrated, robust safety solution assuring regulatory compliance accompanied by a core vision of creating a safer future for the next generation.  

Our Vision: Providing a safer future for the next generation.

Our Mission: Offering a fully integrated safety solution assuring compliance across all safety related aspects of our community from families to investment property & all levels of business. 

We focus on supporting our local community and delivering compliance solutions to ensure you are informed and up to date with your regulatory requirements.

Our Values











What makes us unique

Transparency – through a universally compatible, accurate, real-time, readily accessible & upload compliance reporting 

Integration – through offering a truly integrated safety solution coving the 4 key safety areas of every business; Fire, Electrical, First Aid & Hazardous chemicals.

Self-Managed First Aid Kits – through our industry complaint modular first aid kits that are manufactured here in regional NSW.


At Assure Safety and Compliance, we guarantee consistency of service delivery & quality through our short to medium service contract options. Locking in fixed service, repair & product supply costs as well as service frequency all aligned with industry, state & federal regulatory compliance standards.

Assure’s Integrated Safety Philosophy 

Assure Safety and Compliance has close to 15 years of professional experience in the high-risk Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration industry in various senior regional operational management roles across the Asia Pacific & a lifetime in Agriculture. Assure’s leadership team knows how critical it is to have a robust safety management system with a foundation based on consistency & quality that is also supported by a strong network of independent specialist engineering services. This promotes a transparent process safety focus whilst cultivating a natural cost management review process for our customers.  

To maintain compliance across the four primary safety management areas we have developed critical and strategic partnerships with a network of industry-leading experts across multiple states & territories. We strongly believe the key to compliance is integration & consistency when it comes to periodic inspections of all portable safety equipment, supported by industry-leading specialist engineering services eliminating any conflict of interest whilst also facilitating an additional compliance review engineering control.  

From this very simple approach, Assure’s Integrated Safety Philosophy was born. Centered around a proactive & integrated approach to safety taking a holistic view of process safety rather than a reactive approach. We have been in your shoes, we are coming from a commercial perspective, not an industry-specific inspection-based perspective that can so frequently get bogged down in its own interpretations.

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