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Red Heat Alarm

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The Red RHA10RF Heat Alarm is activated by heat from a fire, not smoke, which makes it ideal for garages, kitchen or laundry installations where smoke detectors could be susceptible to nuisance alarms.

This Red 10 year sealed lithium battery RF photoelectric wireless heat alarm is inter-connectable with up to 20 other smoke alarms (240v hard wired and/or 10 year RF wireless smoke alarms) and includes a test/hush button and visual indicators. It also connects wireless to the Red Smoke Alarm Controller.

Compatible Items:

R240SL – Can connect wirelessly to Red smoke and heat alarms with the RHARFM RF Module

RHA10RF – Can connect wirelessly to Red heat and smoke alarms

RHARFM – To allow 240v heat alarms to connect wirelessly to Red smoke and heat alarms

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