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Assure Safety and Compliance offers a fully integrated safety solution assuring compliance across all safety related aspects of our community. We offer user friendly safety solutions, safety products and consulting for customers of all sizes ranging from families, to investment property owners & all levels of business. 

Fire Safety Inspections & Supplies

Assure understands that both building owners and tenants are not necessarily experienced or qualified to complete all the standard routine fire safety maintenance servicing and understand the requirements for inspection and mandatory testing of fire services equipment as specified under AS1851-2012. Assure can carry out these inspections and issue statement/s of compliance and other essential documents that contribute to the building’s Annual Fire Safety Statement.

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Electrical Test & Tag

Our extensively trained and fully qualified professionals can visually inspect your electrical appliances for any damage, as well as perform stringent electrical testing using a Portable Appliance Tester. This ensures your equipment remains in safe working order at all times. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your equipment is working well and your staff and customers are safe from electrical dangers. 

Electrical Tag & Test.png

First Aid Supply & Maintenance

First aid kits aren’t just a legal requirement for your business. First aid kits are vital for a healthy, happy and secure workplace. Assure offers a wide range of first aid kits to suit your business, home or vehicle. From portable kits through to wall-mounted cabinet kits, we’ll not only provide you with quality, hospital-grade supplies, we’ll regularly check, maintain and restock your kits, too. 

First Aid.png

Spill Kit Supply & Maintenance

Assure takes the hassle out of ensuring your spill kits are fully stocked and adequate for your site. Our Spill Kit Servicing Program will ensure there is sufficient absorbent product supply onsite for the liquids you are storing, and that the kits are refilled when products are used. This will ensure you are compliant with legislation and regulations. 

Spill Kit Response.png

WHS Compliance Management

Our WHS & Injury Management Consultants provide a competent consultancy service package, cost effective and tailored to your needs by our dedicated Health & Safety & Injury Management Professionals.
We'll help you create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all your staff, visitors and contractors.

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Innovative Safety Solutions

Innovative Safety Solutions

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