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Careers at Assure

Ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • When was the last time you had fun at work?

  • When was the last time you went home knowing that you had made a difference & potentially saved a life?

  • Looking for a new and exciting challenge to start the next stage in your life?

  • Looking for a job that gives you the ability to schedule your own time & plan your year with certainty?

  • Are you ready to grow your own personal skills and challenge yourself with new technical knowledge?

  • Don’t have any prior experience or knowledge of the fire or safety industry but like to travel, meet new people & have enjoyed helping others, this could be the change you are looking for.


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At Assure we live our core values of Safety, Respect, Honesty, Sustainability & Quality with a strong focus on personnel development believing that if you ‘Treat a person as they are, they will remain as they are, BUT treat a person as they could be, and they will become as they can and should be’ (Ralph Waldo Emerson)


Our priority is to offer people an autonomous working environment, providing all employees with a detailed tailor-made training and development program aligning both organizational goals with the individuals’ personal goals. This is then accompanied by mutually agreeable performance and remuneration targets.


We pride ourselves on offering a transparent, consistent self-managed compliance solution to our customers supported by positive, motivated personnel all working with a shared vision of creating a safer future for the next generation.


Our leadership philosophy is that ‘true leadership is communicating to another that they are worth a potential so clearly, they are inspired to see it themselves’ (Stephen R Covey – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)


If this aligns with your personal values & growth desires, then please send us an email to with:

  1. Subject line – position interested in (listed below)

  2. A brief cover letter telling us how your personal values align with ours & what you want to get out of your employment Assure

  3. Your CV

  4. References - 3 personal & 3 employment

Open Positions

  • Field Service technicians

    • Pre-qualifications – N/A this is our entry-level field-based position

  • Field Service Supervisor

    • Pre-qualifications – electrical or plumbing trade, fire industry qualification (min cert II)

  • Workshop technician

    • Pre-qualifications – N/A this is our entry-level workshop-based position

  • Warehouse & Inventory Management Specialist

    • Pre-qualifications – forklift ticket, parts or inventory management experience, procurement,

  • Customer relations specialist

    • Pre-qualifications – reception, admin, online platform management,

  • Technical Data Specialist

    • Pre-qualifications – IT, programming/coding, data analysis

  • Account Manager

    • Pre-qualifications – sales, project management

  • Operations Manager / Integrator

    • Pre-qualification – operational management, project management, sales, service industry, job scheduling, inventory management, asset management, WHS process development, and facility management.

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