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First Aid Supply & Maintenance

First aid kits that are Australian made in Regional NSW with a common-sense universal approach to safety the Modular first aid system. Assure's first aid kits are the only first aid solution you will ever need.

First aid kits that support your WHS processes!

ASC - Modular Comparison.jpg
  • Versatile First Aid Solution - Colour-coded, relatable pictorial descriptions & clear descriptions on all modules. Suitable for all ages, levels of first aid knowledge & certain disabilities.

  • Supports WHS Incident Management processes – anti-tamper tags provide a visual indication of first aid items used the labeling modular structure identifies the type of first aid treatment administered allowing administrative & engineering control to incident reporting.

  • Efficiently Managed - replacement modules can be purchased online. A 15% refund also applies if a used module with remaining content is returned (FREE return postage)

  • Saves Money -DON’T pay your employees or expensive 3rd parties hours or even days to count Band-Aids

  • Saves Time – when implemented into your daily/weekly/monthly internal audits or inspections. Only requiring visual inspection of anti-tamper tags fitted to both the external case/bag & all internal modules

  • Supports Charity – returned content is donated to regional volunteer & charitable organizations

  • State & Federal Regulatory Compliance – Level 4 Safe Work Australia Standards:

    • 25 ppl standard work environment

    • 10 ppl high risk work environment

Is your workplace or residence safe? 

Vehicle First Aid kit

Vehicle First Aid Kit.png

Rapid Bleed treatment kits

Rapid Bleed Kit 1.jpg
Rapid Bleed Kit 2.png

Snake & venomous bite kits

Snake Venomous 1.jpg
Snake Venomous 2.jpg

Consolidate remote first aid solutions

Consolidated First Aid.png

Child/Infant Defibrillators (AED’s)

Child AEDs.png


First Aid Classification.png
Case Type.png
First Aid Kit Options.png
Regulatory Standards.png
Dressings and Bandages.png

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